Analysis of Multiple Elements in Lithium Salts using an Autodilution ICP-OES Workflow

The quality of Li-Ion Battery (LiB) raw materials (LiOH, Li2CO3), especially the ratio of the macro elements and the concentration of impurities, has a significant impact on battery performance as well as safety. Therefore, it is critical to monitor and address the presence of inorganic impurities in these salts. LiB raw materials typically have high total dissolved solids (TDS) content, exhibit high background signals, and contain high concentrations of easily ionized elements.  Those challenges, along with managing spectral interferences, can introduce inaccuracies into the results. ICP-OES is an ideally suited technique for the analysis of lithium salts due to its analytical performance and robustness and combined with the state-of-the-art Lithos autodilutor can simplify and speed-up sample analysis and improve long-term stability.  Join this webinar if you would like to learn more.