Analyzing Microplastic-Associated Pollutants in Vegetables

The presence and impacts of microplastics are being extensively researched and reviewed, especially in the marine environment. However, the accumulation and ecotoxicity of leaching compounds such as additives in plastic waste are scarcely studied.

This webinar explores how leachates from microplastics and other plastic materials accumulate within edible and non-edible root vegetables and how they are then incorporated into the food chain.

Our expert speaker will discuss the results of their research into the levels of leachates in root vegetables, illustrating how plastic-associated compounds were quantified using a novel static headspace and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (SHS-GC-MS) workflow.


Attend this webinar to:

  • Discover how plastic-associated pollutants accumulate in vegetables
  • Hear the results from a study into the accumulation of pollutants in edible and non-edible root vegetables
  • Explore a robust SHS-GC-MS methodology that measures leachates in vegetables