Continuous Processing and Intensification – Achieving Greater Productivity in Biopharma

Maximizing Biopharma Process Efficiency.

For decades, batch regimes on industrial-scale stainless steel fermenters and bioreactors have been the backbone of biomanufacturing where biopharmaceuticals and other value-added products are produced on mass scales.

In recent years and especially since the pandemic, biomanufacturing industries have come to the realization that today’s ever-growing demands cannot be met with current strategies.

While more fermenters and bioreactors on the biomanufacturing floor are helping to mitigate the problem, a parallel endeavor is to find new and effective strategies for increasing productivity. One approach is to adapt fed-batch and intensified perfusion regimes for upstream bioprocessing steps to bring down working volumes and simultaneously increase production.

In this webinar, we will explore how such adaptations have been able to realize productivity improvements, and the need to push further to replace batch regimes. In addition, we’ll dive into futuristic approaches needed for true integrated continuous biomanufacturing pipelines, especially in biopharma, and how PAT breakthroughs are critical for such a leap forward.