Diagnostics From Your Desk, Troubleshooting From Your Kitchen Table

Agilent’s intelligent GCs are equipped with robust diagnostic and troubleshooting functions, aimed at minimizing operational downtime. These functionalities are not only accessible locally but can also be efficiently utilized remotely through the built-in browser interface on the Agilent 8860, 8890, and Intuvo 9000 GCs.  During our session, we’ll demonstrate specific instances to illustrate how these GCs effectively identify issues and how remote access allows you to address them independent of your proximity to the system.

When you enable remote operations, you enable faster issue resolution, optimization of your technical resources, and creation of a scalable model for managing instrument schedules and productivity.  Why lose time moving your experts from system to system when they could assist technicians in nearby rooms, adjacent buildings, or even across continents from a single location?  Join us to explore the extensive diagnostic capabilities of your Agilent GC and bring your queries for an in-depth Q&A discussion.