How to Implement Large Volume Injections with the MMI Inlet to Help Achieve Low Level Detection Limits on Your Mass Spec

This webcast will cover the concept of large volume injects (LVI), when to use them, and how to build the method parameters applying Agilent’s vapor volume calculator and solvent vent wizard tools. A case study will be shown of OCP pesticides for EPA method 8081, and the webcast will review how LVI was able to achieve trace level detection limits on the 8890/7010B system.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to use Agilent’s calculator tools built into its software.
  • Understand when a large volume injection is a good idea.
  • Learn about the sensitivity on Agilent’s 7010B triple quad for OCP pesticides.

Who Should Attend:

  • Customers who are doing method development work on GC and are looking to achieve better sensitivity out of their systems.
  • Customers who have a GC with an MMI inlet and do not know how to employ large volume injections with it.
  • Customers considering switching over from the traditional EPA 8081 method of GC/ECD over to GC QQQ for OCP pesticides.